Транспортная компания ТОО "Богатырь Транс". Оператор подвижного состава. Перевозка, экспедирование грузов жд транспортом. Ремонт вагонов. Казахстан, Павлодар, Экибастуз.

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Railroad Wagon Stock
Railroad wagon stock with over 4000 carts
Our own repair base
Our own repair base capable of the repairs of rolling stock, railway car components and parts
ремонт вагонов
A highly professional team
A highly professional team, providing high quality services
Our History

April 30, 2002 - “Bogatyr Trans”, Ltd. was established. It became possible due to the adoption of “Program of the Kazakhstan Republic Railway Transport Conversion for 2001-2005” by the Kazakhstan's Government in 2001. The company starts forwarding transportation of coal for its base strategic client company, the giant of the Kazakhstan power industry, Bogatyr Access Komir, Ltd.

In November, 2002 the first 70 open-top railway cars were purchased in accordance with the agreement with OAO Altaiwagon. Since November 15, 2002 the cars were used for coal transportation in the direction of Petropavlovsk station (Access Energo Petropavlovsk Power Station 2, Ltd) and of Ekibastuz-Severny station (Ekibastuz Energotsenrt, CJSC and AES Ekibastuz Ltd.).

In February, 2003 Bogatyr Trans, Ltd. has won a tender carried out by NK KTZH, CJSC on realization of assets’ part. As the result the company became the owner of 2,815 open-top railway cars, including 2,274 items of operating and 541 items of not operating car fleet. During that time the company has acquired a repair base as well. It was the Ekibastuz operational wagon depot No. 16 and thereby the company extended the spectrum of services provided.

That very year the company starts interacting with Freight Service, Ltd, which has now become its long-term partner, The companies settled a new type of service – iron-ore raw stuff transportation. In 2003 Bogatyr Trans, Ltd. has transported about 600 thousands tons of iron-ore raw materials for Ispat Karmet, JSC (Metal Steel Temirtau, JSC). Today Metal Steel Temirtau, JSC is one of the strategic clients of Bogatyr Trans. Coal traffic produced by the Bogatyr Access Komir increased in 2003 in 26 times, which amounts to 5,9 million tons.

In 2004 the company has enlarged its own railway car fleet of freight open-top cars up to 3000 items including 200 new open-top cars. That year Bogatyr Trans, Ltd. has transported 13,4 million tons of cargo by its own rolling stock.

Свидетельство 2004Свидетельство 2005Премия «РЖД-Партнер 2005»

In 2005 the transportation geography has extended and covered 3 regions in Kazakhstan and 2 in the Russian Federation. At that moment Bogatyr Trans carries out 85% of international conveyances, and 15% - inside Kazakhstan.

During 2004-2005 the company has achieved considerable success. It' become an active participant of the Kazakhstan railway branch reform. The company developed and effected proposals aimed to bring legal, regulatory and tariff framework into compliance with the requirements of the competitive environment. Following that direction the company closely co-operated with other transport enterprises and the national company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, JSC. Bogatyr Trans became one of the founders of the “Association of Transporters and Cars Operators of Kazakhstan“, took part in “Association of National Forwarders of Kazakhstan” activities.

The client base has essentially extended. Several companies have been added to our strategic partners: Kaztsink, JSC, NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, JSC, Zhol Zhondeushi, JSC, Kaztemirtrans, JSC (Kazzheldortrans, JSC).

In December, 2005 the company has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 international standard. As the result Bogatyr Trans, Ltd. was recognized as the winner of several competitions, such as «Quality Award 2005» and “The Most Successful Company of 2005”.

Успешная компания 2005 Свидетельство 2005«Лучшая система управления 2005»

In 2006 there was an impetuous upgrowth of the car fleet, record flow of traffic, activities in the market of rolling stock and car parts repairs.

In 2007, a field meeting of CCRT car departments’ managers took place in the company’s wagon depot. The company obtained the permit for overhaul reconditioning execution of freight cars. The 5 Year anniversary of Bogatyr Trans, Ltd.

In 2008, the company has been awarded the Grand Prix of the first National Public Transport Award "Altyn Tulpar" as "The Best Transportation Company of the Year". Bogatyr Trans' CEO has won the title of "The Best Manager in the Transport Industry."


In 2009 the company has undergone Quality Management System recertification according to ISO 9001:2008.