Транспортная компания ТОО "Богатырь Транс". Оператор подвижного состава. Перевозка, экспедирование грузов жд транспортом. Ремонт вагонов. Казахстан, Павлодар, Экибастуз.

140005, Kazakhstan
Mira st., 26
Phone/Fax: +7 (7182) 53-08-26
53-18-80; 53-18-89

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Парк собственных полувагонов,
насчитывающий свыше 4000 единиц
Собственная ремонтная база,
осуществляющая все виды ремонта вагонов
Высоко- профессиональная команда,
обеспечивающая высокое качество оказываемых услуг
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Railroad Wagon Stock
Railroad wagon stock with over 4000 carts
Our own repair base
Our own repair base capable of the repairs of rolling stock, railway car components and parts
ремонт вагонов
A highly professional team
A highly professional team, providing high quality services
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4000 астам бірлігі бар
меншік үсті ашық вагон паркі
транспортировка и экспедирование
Вагондарға жөндеудің барлық түрлерін
жүзеге асыратын меншік жөндеу базасы
ремонт вагонов
Көрсетілетін қызметтердің жоғары сапасын
қамтамасыз ететін жоғары-кәсіби команда
наши услуги
Quality Policy of Bogatyr Trans, Ltd

We think the strategic goal of our enterprise is keeping and strengthening the leading positions among railway car operators and suppliers of quality repair services of railway rolling stock in the Republic of Kazakhstan through maximum customer satisfaction. It will provide Bogatyr Trans, Ltd. with a constant demand for its services and continued profitability.

The set goal can be achieved through:

  • constant improvement of the quality management system through the analysis of the processes’ impact, feasibility of the stated objectives of the company and its subsidiaries in the field of quality, and suitability of quality management system for the purposes of this Policy;

  • improving institutional and technical level of services provided in accordance with international quality standards;

  • development of modern enterprise management systems - operational, budgetary, financial and risk management;

  • satisfaction of all persons interested in the success of the company: its customers, suppliers, shareholders and the society in general.

The basis of our work is ensuring the protection of life and health of workers, increasing their welfare, respect for all business partners, transparent relations with customers and suppliers, creating conditions for mutually beneficial partnership with them.

The main principles for the implementation of our Policy are:

  1. The transition from assured quality services to the improvement of the quality of business in general.

  2. Reducing the cost of repairs for rolling stock without compromising quality characteristics.

  3. Systematic training of the personnel in order to enhance their competence.

  4. Project management for the increase of the enterprise's results and minimization of any potential risks.

  5. Distribution of responsibilities and the authority of the staff throughout the service’s life-cycle to ensure efficiency in the processes' impact.

  6. Motivating our employees to high performance and high quality work through the system of moral and material incentives.

  7. Taking into consideration maximum satisfaction of the requirements and demands of our consumers at the level of each employee of the company.

The company’s management intends to fully comply with the principles laid and calls all the staff to comply with them as well. The company’s management pledges to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, to continually improve the effectiveness of quality management system, to create the necessary organizational conditions, to allocate the necessary financial and material resources for continuous improvement of the services’ quality.