Транспортная компания ТОО "Богатырь Транс". Оператор подвижного состава. Перевозка, экспедирование грузов жд транспортом. Ремонт вагонов. Казахстан, Павлодар, Экибастуз.

140005, Kazakhstan
Mira st., 26
Phone/Fax: +7 (7182) 53-08-26
53-18-80; 53-18-89

why use us
Railroad Wagon Stock
Railroad wagon stock with over 4000 carts
Our own repair base
Our own repair base capable of the repairs of rolling stock, railway car components and parts
ремонт вагонов
A highly professional team
A highly professional team, providing high quality services
Transport and Forwarding

Bogatyr Trans, Ltd. manages its own fleet of rolling stock which consists of over than 4,000 gondola cars.  If necessary, the company is able to quickly increase the amount of rail cars due to the additional utilization of the required number of wagons. The rolling stock consists of the hatch and closed-bottom gondolas with the carrying capacity of 65 and 75 tons respectively.

Bogatyr Trans offers the following services in the segment of transportation and forwarding:

  • Fixed-route railway transportation of bulk cargo by gondola cars
  • Provision of rail rolling stock
  • Payment of freight charges in Kazakhstan and in the countries of the CIS
  • Wagon tracking
  • Management of the rolling stock of other companies.